Lord Thank You!

Lord, I thank you. For you do not judge me according to my iniquities. Thank you for being compassionate. Thank you for being generous. Thank you for being gracious. Thank you for being present. Thank you for being unchangeable. Thank you for being magnificent. Lord, I thank you for loving me, just the way I am. Thank you!

Psalm 23

Prayer for you is Psalm 23.

The Lord is your Shepherd. There’s nothing you shall want. He makes you to lie down in green pastures. He leads you beside still waters. He guides you in the the paths of righteousness for his names sake. Even if you walk in the valley of darkness, you should fear no evil. For the Lord is right there with you. His Rod and Staff will comfort you. He’d prepare a table before you, in the presence of your foes. He’d anoint your head with oil. Your cup will overflow. Surely, the Lord’s goodness and mercy will keep following you. All the days of your life. And you will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever and ever, Amen!

The Sickness called Ignorance.

Ignorance is a deadly ailment. And the ignorance of this is a deadlier ailment. COVID-19 is not killing anybody. But the ignorance of it does.

Prophet Hosea is one out of many who warned about it (Hos.4:6).

Danny Simpson was a thief from Ottawa Canada. He suffered from ignorance. He was a young  man in his 20’s. He led a carefree life. At a point in his life he became badly hard up. He was hungry and desperate. He decided to steal. A certain bank in Ottawa was his target. Danny then remembered the gun he had inherited from his late father. Thus he armed  himself with it and set off. Of course with the aid of this gun he succeeded in robbing the bank to the tune of $6,000. But it was not long waiting before Danny was traced, trapped and apprehended. The gun was recovered from him. And he was sentenced to years of imprisonment.

Under close examination, Danny’s riffle was found to be a sought after antiquity. A specially made gun, one of a hundred pieces in the whole world. The gun was worth $100,000 at least.

The lack of that knowledge robbed Danny of his ‘carefree’ life. It destroyed his youthful life.

Many of us are like Danny. We do not KNOW what we have. Many of us lose the precious things we possess while we ignorantly go in search of much less precious things.

Ask yourself, “what do I have now?” And please don’t forget that you have LIFE and you have a NAME. What else do you have? What else do you need?